Visitors Policy

Updated July 16, 2021

To protect the health and safety of faculty, staff and students, the university has established an approval process and minimum requirements for any visitors (see definition below). At this time and effective until further notice visitors are permitted on campus only after approval.  

Visitors must be approved; comply with federal, state, local and university guidelines; and be available to assist with contact tracing, when necessary. University health and safety measures are based on current public health conditions and are subject to change.

Who are visitors?
Requirements to be allowed on campus
Responsibilities of the host
Responsibilities of the visitor

Who are visitors?

A visitor is an individual who is not a Yale student, faculty member or other employee approved to be present on campus at this time. Visitors include parents, spouses, children and other family members, alumni, donors, the general public, and local community members. Visitors also include Sponsored Identities, vendors, suppliers, contractors, and others performing work on campus are considered visitors, even when paid for their services. 

Short-term visitors

Examples of visitors with a compelling reason to be on campus who may be considered for access include:

  • Donors
  • Speakers for a class
  • Speakers for an internal conference
  • Recruits (e.g, final candidates, targeted recruits)

Critical access visitors

Examples of visitors who may be considered for critical access include: 

  • Vendors/suppliers/contractors/consultants*
    • Individuals or companies paid to perform services at Yale 
  • Site monitors
  • Federal or state inspectors
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Clinical trials monitors
  • Final candidate for a faculty or senior staff position

* For a list of vendors already approved to work on campus, visit the Pre-Approved Suppliers page.

Scholars and Students Visiting for the Full Semester

Scholars and students from other institutions may be permitted to visit campus for a full semester if there is a compelling academic reason to do so and if approved by the academic HSL. These students and scholars must follow all university and public health measures including vaccination requirements.

Requirements to be allowed on campus

Visitors must be invited by a university host and approved by the unit HSL. There must be a compelling reason for the visit to take place on campus rather than virtually and the visit should be short-term (generally 24 - 48-hours). The visitor must be fully vaccinated. Additionally, the host must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption.

Individuals who are invited to perform time sensitive work that is critical to the mission of the university may also be approved by unit HSLs

Critical access is defined as work that cannot be done remotely and cannot be deferred (i.e. if the visit is not completed in a timely manner there will be a significant impact on the mission of the university).


  • Students living on campus are not permitted to host visitors in their residences.
  • Visitors, who have not been approved by an HSL, are not allowed in Yale libraries, in academic, administrative or residential buildings, or in outdoor spaces on campus.
  • Visitors are not allowed at university sponsored events on or off campus.

Meeting up with non-Yale individuals off-campus, even parents or other family members, should be carefully considered. All those traveling to the New Haven area are required to follow State of Connecticut travel requirements.


  • Yale Health Center: Open to all members and their enrolled family members.
  • On-campus housing locations: Open to building residents, including those who would otherwise be classified as visitors.
  • Yale Golf Course: The course is open to visitors who are current alumni and non-Yale affiliated golf course members. All visitors under this policy must be Connecticut residents. View more information on golf course use.
  • Yale University Art Gallery: All visitors are required to reserve a free, timed-entry ticket before coming to the gallery. All visitors are required to wear masks.
  • Yale Center for British Art : Free timed-entry tickets are strongly encouraged. Walk-in visitors will be accommodated based on capacity. All visitors are required to wear masks.

Responsibilities of the host

Who is responsible for a visitor?

A Yale employee or student of a sponsoring department, school, or organization responsible for ensuring a specific visitor will obtain proper approvals and follow Yale’s requirements during the visit is considered the “host”. The department school, or organization may designate as responsible the Lead Administrator, the Health and Safety Leader (HSL) or other managerial employee who ensures the compliance with university policy and protocols, including the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.  

For a visitor to be approved to come to campus, the host must:

For short-term visitors with a compelling reason to be on campus

  • Provide the visitor with an individual invitation that includes health and safety expectations;
  • Be fully vaccinated and have their vaccination status submitted or confirmed in the university’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Database or have an approved exemption;
  • Obtain an attestation from the short-term visitor that they are fully vaccinated;
  • Have a compelling reason that the visitor must be on campus that cannot be met virtually;
  • Obtain approval from the HSL, who may consult with the COVID-19 Review Team as necessary;
  • Maintain on file the approved Request for Campus Access form.

For critical access visitors

  • Complete the Request for Campus Access Form and submit to the relevant HSL;
  • Obtain approval from the HSL, who may consult with the COVID-19 Review Team as necessary;
  • Maintain on file the approved Critical Visitor/Vendor Request Form;
  • Provide and explain requirements for campus visits;
  • Have vendors, contractors or suppliers sign the Vendor Site Access Acknowledgement form and maintain the form on file; 
  • Ensure visitors comply with health and safety requirements in advance of, during, and after the visit;
  • Report any concerns or potential violations to the HSL.

Responsibilities of the visitor

Prior to arrival

Short-term visitors with a compelling reason to be on campus must:

Critical access visitors must:

After arrival on campus, all visitors must:

  • Contact their Yale host upon arrival.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. This includes following Yale’s COVID-19 Prevention guidance while on campus.  
  • Immediately notify the Yale contact/host and/or relevant Health and Safety Leader if they become ill while on site or within one week following the campus visit. 

Critical access visitors working on capital projects and other designated construction work must also: 

Note: An invitation to campus should be sent from the host via email and the host should copy their designated HSL.