Visitors Policy

Updated April 9, 2021

Short-Term Visitors

To reduce the risk of bringing cases of COVID-19 to campus, short-term visitors (anyone staying on campus for less than a full semester) are not allowed in the spring term. The Yale Visitor Center will remain closed.

For COVID-19 safety purposes, a “visitor” is an individual who is not a Yale student, faculty member, or employee authorized to be present on campus this term. Specifically, “visitors” include:

  • Parents, spouses, partners, children and other family members, unrelated housemates, and guests of Yale-affiliated individuals
  • Alumni
  • Donors
  • The general public
  • Local community members


  • Students living on campus are not permitted to host visitors in their residences at all.
  • Visitors are not allowed in Yale libraries, in academic, administrative or residential buildings, or in outdoor spaces on campus until further notice.
  • Visitors are not allowed at university sponsored events on or off campus.

Additional Guidance for Off-campus Visitors
Because all visitors are discouraged, meeting up with individuals who are not coming onto campus, even parents or other family members, should be carefully considered. All those traveling to the New Haven area are required to follow State of Connecticut travel requirements. All visitors, even family members, should practice social distancing and wear masks.


  • Yale Health Center: Open to all members and their enrolled family members.
  • On-campus housing locations: Open to building residents, including those who would otherwise be classified as visitors.
  • Yale Golf Course: The course is open to visitors who are current alumni and non-Yale affiliated golf course members. All visitors under this policy must be Connecticut residents. View more information on golf course use.

Requesting an Exception
For short-term academic and research visitors, special exceptions may be requested by contacting the relevant school Health and Safety Leader

Scholars and Students Visiting for the Full Semester

Scholars and students who are visiting campus for the full semester are allowed and are required to follow all university policies and public health guidelines. Fully vaccinated scholars and students approved to come to campus are no longer required to test or quarantine upon arrival in Connecticut from domestic locations. For fully vaccinated travelers coming from outside the United States, consistent with CDC guidance and the state advisory, Yale requires testing 3-5 days after travel and isolation if that test is positive.

Those who are not fully vaccinated must continue to self-quarantine for 10 days or follow Yale testing requirements as described on Yale’s travel guidelines and restrictions page before coming to campus.

Vendors, Monitors, Site Inspectors, and Other Visitors

Yale strongly discourages any vendor sales representatives from visiting campus. Vendors who are providing services on-site at Yale, or other groups coming to campus such as site inspectors or safety monitors, must agree to comply with Yale’s Travel Guidelines and Vendor Site Access requirements. Please visit the EHS website to learn more about these requirements. Please visit the list of suppliers approved to be on campus.