Statement of Expectations for Faculty and Staff

We recognize the interdependence of all members of our Yale community and acknowledge that we all have a responsibility towards each other; each of us must contribute to campus life in a way that will promote the health and safety of ourselves and our fellow community members. In particular, we must all commit to following university and public health guidance and protocols designed to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. Failure to do so puts all of us, our colleagues, students, friends, and family members at risk, and may require the university to restrict access to campus.

Each of us must take those fundamental measures recommended by health professionals and, in some cases, mandated by the state:

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Wear face coverings in shared spaces.
  • Practice six-feet social distancing.
  • Do not come to work if we are experiencing symptoms.

For full and updated information on the university’s health and safety measures, please see our Health & Safety Guidelines.

To assist us in adhering to these measures, the university is delivering health and safety training for all faculty and staff prior to return to campus, providing masks and hand sanitizer, marking spaces with distance indicators, posting signage on occupancy of rooms, sending weekly reminders, asking all members of the community to complete a daily health check on the days they come to campus and to stay home if needed, and requiring some community members who work or live in group settings to participate in Yale’s testing program. 

We expect all members of the Yale community to adhere to these health and safety measures. Those who cannot commit to these measures should not be on campus risking the health and well-being of our colleagues and students, and should engage in a discussion with their department chair or supervisor regarding the reasons one cannot make such a commitment and whether alternatives to being on campus are available. Incidents of noncompliance will be addressed proportionally. A single, serious violation of the Expectations or repeated disregard for health and safety measures may result in the denial of access to campus or disciplinary action.