Scheduling asymptomatic testing for Yale Health dependents

Note: Employees with Aetna or other health insurance may not obtain testing for dependents through Yale Health.

You may directly schedule an appointment for your asymptomatic (no symptoms) Yale Health dependents through the link below if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are a Yale employee with Yale Health insurance AND
  2. The dependent you wish to schedule for has MyChart Account OR
  3. You have MyChart proxy for your minor child (under age 18)

After clicking on the scheduling link, you will be asked if you are a Yale Health member scheduling for a dependent, and will be asked for your dependent’s 8-digit member number. Please be prepared with this information, which is available for you on your Yale Health Member ID Card. You may access a digital copy of this card by clicking here or by contacting Member Services at (203) 432-0246 or

If you book through this method, the dependent is consenting to contact tracing. The results will be reported to the dependent, to Yale University and its designees, and to any required public health authorities.

After completing the questions:

  1. Log into MyChart under the name of your minor child for whom you have proxy, or
  2. Have your adult dependent log into MyChart under their own MyChart account and schedule.

If you do not have proxy for your minor children, or your adult dependent does not have a MyChart account, you must call Yale Health’s CCRL (203-432-6604) in order to schedule the appointment. To request proxy access for your minor dependent (under age 18), follow these instructions. Adult dependents (age 18 and over) may register for MyChart here. This process may take several days.