COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Updated November 17, 2021


The university requires all studentsfaculty, staff and postdoctoral/postgraduate trainees to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or a university approved medical or religious exemption and to document their vaccination status in the university’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Database.

New hires must be fully vaccinated or obtain a medical or religious exemption as of their first day of work.

Students, faculty, staff, and postdoctoral/postgraduate trainees may check their vaccination status in the university’s records here.

Due to recent federal requirements, faculty and staff who previously obtained a strongly held personal belief exemption must either be fully vaccinated or have received a university approved medical or religious exemption by January 18, 2022 (extended from January 4, 2022).

Any faculty member, staff member, student or postdoctoral/postgraduate trainee who does not comply with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will be subject to progressive discipline.

Additional information about vaccination and exemptions may be found on the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program webpage or by calling the Campus COVID Resource Line for assistance at 203-432-6604.

Health and Safety Requirements

In recognition of the evolving public health environment, the university continues to evaluate and modify its health and safety requirements that apply to each member of our community. The following are the requirements currently in effect:

All Students, Faculty, Staff, and Postdoctoral/Postgraduate Trainees ARE required to

Fully Vaccinated Students, Faculty, Staff, and Postdoctoral/Postgraduate Trainees ARE NOT required to:

  • Refrain from university-sponsored travel or, in the case of undergraduate students, seek permission to travel from campus.
  • Test on return from domestic travel.
  • Engage in regular asymptomatic testing unless specified in the university’s testing requirements.
  • Complete the Daily Health Check.
  • Quarantine after close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, unless experiencing symptoms.

Unvaccinated Students, Faculty, Staff, and Postdoctoral/Postgraduate Trainees ARE required to:

  • Maintain 6’ distance from others indoors and outdoors.
  • Perform a Daily Health Check.
  • Schedule and obtain twice weekly asymptomatic testing.
  • Refrain from university-sponsored travel.
  • Comply with quarantine and testing requirements after domestic travel.
  • Quarantine after close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Not participate in activities that are limited to fully vaccinated individuals.

Vaccination Exemption Review Process

  • Individuals may submit requests for exemptions from vaccination by accessing and completing forms on the Employee or Student Vaccine Portal.
  • The Medical Exemption Review Committee (a panel of medical experts) reviews requests for medical exemptions and the submitted medical documentation supporting the requests. The Committee may have a conversation with the individual seeking the exemption and, with the requestor’s permission, may contact the individual’s medical care provider.
  • The Religious Exemption Committee reviews requests for religious exemptions. Yale’s Public Health Ambassadors may have a conversation with the individual seeking exemption in order to review vaccine information and the obligations of the health and safety program for unvaccinated individuals.
  • The Medical and Religious Exemption Review Committees may refer exemption requests to the Vaccine Exemption Oversight Committee comprising representatives from Human Resources, the Office of the General Counsel, public health experts, and additional experts as needed.
  • The Committees will inform individuals seeking exemptions of the exemption decision following this review process.