Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program

January 12, 2021

Dear Members of the Yale Community,

I write today with great optimism for 2021. We have two approved vaccines and operations for vaccine administration are already underway. I share my excitement with the Yale community for this coming new year, which brings with it hope and possibility.

The arrival of vaccine late December, prompted a flurry of activity in the midst of the holiday season. Despite limited time and many unknowns, we successfully launched our first vaccination clinic on December 30, accompanied by balloons, Handsome Dan and a team of dedicated health care staff. Several hundred doses of vaccine were administered to highest risk health care personnel.

As we move into the 2nd week of January, the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program is fully operational.

The Lanman facility has been repurposed as our flagship Vaccine Center. To date, invitations to Phase 1a employees have been released, yielding a 49% vaccination acceptance rate to the initial eligible university populations. The first invitations targeted patient-facing roles, including students in our health care schools.

Additional clinics for the remaining Phase 1a eligible staff are planned and the completion of this first phase, which is highly dependent on inventory allocation, is expected very soon. We anticipate moving quickly into Phase 1b, which will likely begin with our age 75 and older populations.

The process of identifying candidates who meet the state-mandated criteria is critical and sometimes challenging as we apply those criteria to our work settings. With pressures on vaccine inventories, guidance on eligibility is continuing to be refined. In addition, the State has expressed a strong desire to complete vaccinations of long-term care facility residents before moving to subsequent phases.

Those employees who have met the state-mandated criteria for Phase 1a can find their vaccine invitations in their MyChart accounts. Those who feel they DO meet the criteria but did not receive an invitation should first check their MyChart account (Login -> Visits -> Appointments -> Schedule an Appointment) and notify their supervisor or department chair if an invitation to schedule is not present, or email yhvaccine@yale.edu. We ask those invited who feel they do not meet Phase 1a criteria not to schedule vaccination at this time.

We are working closely with the Connecticut Department of Public Health partners, as well as Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Health System to ensure we are aligned and prepared for the next phase of distribution. As vaccine inventory becomes more abundant, criteria may shift again.

The University is committed to a safe and efficient vaccine administration program. For updated information about the vaccine, please visit the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program website. Additional inquires can be sent to yhvaccine@yale.edu, or by calling the Campus COVID Resource Line at 203-432-6604. In the interim, please stay safe, continue to social distance, wear masks, participate in contact tracing efforts and take advantage of frequent testing.

My sincere appreciation for your patience as we adapt to changing guidance with the ultimate goal of safely getting as many vaccines into the arms of our community as expeditiously as possible.

Nanci Joseph Fortgang, RN, MPA CMPE
Chief Clinical Operations Officer
Director, Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program
Yale Health