Graduate and Professional Students: COVID-19 Spring Semester Requirements

January 6, 2021

Dear Graduate and Professional Students,

I hope you had rest and enjoyment over the holiday break and are looking forward to a productive spring semester. As that semester begins, I want to provide you with information about certain current requirements associated with our COVID-19 health and safety programs. More specifically:

  • All graduate and professional students must comply with the testing and quarantine requirements outlined in the December 17, 2020 memorandum (copied below); some students may have additional, ongoing testing requirements, which will be communicated to them by their schools or the university testing program.
  • All students must sign the Spring 2021 Yale Community Compact.
  • All students, as stipulated in the Community Compact, must have received the flu vaccine or obtained a religious or medical exception from Yale Health by the start of the semester.  If you have not been vaccinated, you may schedule a vaccination by using the Find Your Flu Shot tool.
  • All students must complete the Spring 2021 Student Return to Campus COVID-19 Training.

Students who do not comply with these requirements despite automated reminders may have their campus access restricted.

It is critically important that all members of the community continue to practice the health and safety measures that allowed us to have on-campus activities during the fall semester. Be sure to consult the COVID-19 websitefor up-to-date information and do not hesitate to contact the Campus COVID Resource Line (203-432-6604; toll free at 866-924-9253), if you have any COVID-19-related questions or concerns. Your school’s Health and Safety Leader can also address any questions about compliance with these requirements and about your school’s health and safety plan.

Welcome back to Yale and many thanks for your efforts to protect the health and safety of our campus.

Stephanie S. Spangler, M.D.
Vice Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity
Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
University COVID-19 Coordinator


Contents of December 17, 2020 memorandum:

Graduate and Professional Students: COVID-19 Testing for the Spring Semester

Dear Graduate and Professional Students,

You will be returning to campus in January or February in a higher risk environment than the lead up to the fall semester. To minimize this increase in risk, we are putting the following testing program in place for the start of the spring semester.

Pre-arrival and arrival testing

For those who are currently, and plan to remain in, Connecticut

  • Voluntary asymptomatic testing through Yale’s COVID-19 Screening Program is available through December and January. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this testing program, especially if you are in the New Haven area.
  • A test is required for all students within one week of the start date of your academic program. You must quarantine until receiving a negative result on this arrival test. You must complete testing prior to any in-person on-campus classes or activities.

For those who will be returning to Connecticut from out of state before the start of the spring term

  • Testing PRIOR to travel back to Connecticut is strongly recommended. Testing should take place in a timeframe that will allow the return of test results PRIOR to travel. Do not travel if your test is positive, but isolate for 10 days prior to return to New Haven.
    • Pre-arrival testing done outside of the Yale COVID 19 Screening Program will be reimbursed at up to $120 per test. If you submit your receipt to Yale, you should complete this form and return it by mail or send it electronically to to receive your reimbursement.
  • Test immediately on return to New Haven and quarantine in your home location until you have had TWO negative tests: the on-arrival test and a second test no sooner than 4 days after the first test.
    • Health professional students (Medicine, PA, Nursing) only: you may return to activities after 1st negative and follow up with a second test in 5-7 days.

Ongoing testing requirements after return to Yale

  • Residents of Helen Hadley Hall and Harkness Hall will continue the required twice weekly testing that was in place in the fall semester.
  • Residents of other on-campus graduate and professional school dormitories including Baker Hall, 254 Prospect, 276 Prospect, and 272 Elm, will have a new weekly testing requirement starting the week of January 11.
  • Yale School of Nursing students will continue/resume their once weekly testing requirement.
  • If other testing requirements are added for the spring semester, affected students will be notified by their respective deans.

As a reminder, symptomatic testing is available at any time by calling the Campus Covid Resource Line at 203-432-6604. Please do not self-schedule at an asymptomatic site if you have symptoms as it may place others at risk.

Best wishes for a safe and restful holiday recess.

Stephanie S. Spangler, M.D.
Vice Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity
Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
University COVID-19 Coordinator

Madeline S. Wilson, M.D., F.AC.P.
Chief Quality Officer
Chair, Yale COVID Testing and Tracing Committee
Yale Health Center