COVID-19 Coordinator Weekly Updates

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All messages below were sent out by Stephanie S. Spangler, M.D., Vice Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity.

May 13, 2022
  • Changes to Yale’s Contact Tracing Program
  • Reminders about testing, treatments, vaccines, and other preventive measures
May 6, 2022
  • A change in the CDC’s Community Levels in Connecticut
  • Health and safety guidance for Commencement
  • Summer work and study
    • Vaccinations and boosters still required
    • Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing optional for many
    • COVID-19 Testing Program to evolve
April 29, 2022
  • Antiviral treatments: who should use them and how do they get them
  • Why other health and safety measures are still important
April 22, 2022
  • More on masks, mandates, and public transportation
  • Updates on campus infection trends and a new reporting format
April 8, 2022
  • Testing, immunity, and boosters after a COVID-19 infection
  • Brief updates about vaccines
  • Find up-to-date information at
April 1, 2022
  • Following Safer Yale Practices
  • News about second boosters
March 25, 2022
  • Where to find details about the new mask and gatherings policies
  • The importance of COVID-19 boosters
  • Reminders on when to test
March 18, 2022
  • More on revised masking requirements
  • COVID-19 treatments
  • Resources for safer travel
March 4, 2022
  • Updates on new CDC guidance
  • What the CDC guidance means for Yale
February 25, 2022
  • Lessons from the surge
  • Support resources for students, faculty, and staff
February 18, 2022
  • Steps we can take to reduce COVID-19 transmission
  • More good news about boosters
February 10, 2022
  • Conditions and safer practices for gathering
February 4, 2022
  • What changes when we move to the Yellow campus alert level
  • How campus alert levels are determined
  • How to identify higher quality masks
January 28, 2022
  • More good news about boosters
  • A Yale expert shares how we detect and track variants
January 21, 2022
  • What do I need to know about testing at home?
  • How do I know if I am wearing the right mask?
  • What does it mean to be up to date with my vaccination?