Events, Gatherings & Meetings

Updated September 21, 2021

Effective September 20, 2021

As we expand in-person activities on campus during the fall semester, it is important to maintain our vigilance with appropriate health and safety protocols.

To promote the effectiveness of our COVID-19 health and safety program at Yale, we have put in place certain requirements for events, gatherings, and meetings (collectively referred to as gatherings hereafter), effective September 20. These requirements reflect current public health guidance and support our expansion of on-campus activities. They may be amended as the public health environment changes. Even if these requirements can be met, the university continues to expect sponsors to carefully consider whether the gathering can effectively be held virtually. Learn more about safe campus practices.

The following requirements apply to university-sponsored gatherings and other gatherings related to university activities or programs whether those gatherings are on or off campus. These gatherings include: all that involve the use of university funds or spaces; all academic and social gatherings for students, faculty, and staff of any size other than those occurring as a regular part of a course or class on the scheduled academic calendar; and all gatherings in administrative units. Even if gatherings are not university-sponsored or related to university activities or programs, faculty, staff, and students planning off-campus gatherings that include students are expected to follow the relevant requirements to help promote the health and safety of our community.

All gatherings must meet the following conditions:

  • be open only to members of the Yale community (and, in certain circumstances, a limited number of visitors who comply with the Visitors Policy and who have been preapproved by the Health and Safety Leader (HSL) or the COVID Review Team);
  • be of limited duration and by invitation only;
  • not involve high-aerosolization activities (singing, woodwinds/brass, vigorous exercise) without prior approval;
  • comply with current mask requirements;
  • allow for unvaccinated individuals to maintain 6-foot distancing;
  • limit refreshments to individual servings; and
  • follow safe practices when eating and drinking.

Faculty, staff, and students may plan and participate in gatherings of twenty (20) or fewer individuals indoors and gatherings of fifty (50) or fewer individuals outdoors without the prior approval of the relevant HSL, provided the conditions above are observed.  If those planning such events have questions or concerns about those conditions, they should consult their HSL.

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to plan gatherings larger than twenty (20) indoors or fifty (50) outdoors, or gatherings of any size in which the conditions listed above may not be met, must receive prior approval from the relevant HSL, who may require that additional health and safety measures be implemented.

The leadership of academic and administrative units, such as deans and vice presidents, may plan and host on-campus gatherings larger than twenty (20) indoors or fifty (50) outdoors without additional approvals provided that they observe the conditions listed above and any guidance provided by the CRT.  If those planning such events have questions or concerns about those conditions or the CRT guidance, they should consult the CRT.

Faculty meetings and departmental gatherings for academic purposes may be conducted virtually, in person, or in a hybrid setting without seeking formal permission from the Health and Safety Leader. The setting should be determined by the business to be conducted in the meeting. Meetings held in person should follow the guidelines for in-person course instruction: they should be held in classroom or conference room settings on campus, all participants should be wearing a mask, food and drink are not permitted, and vaccine-exempted participants may attend in person only if they maintain social distance from others and are compliant with required testing.

Those units, such as Athletics and Hospitality, with CRT approved health and safety plans that address recurrent gatherings must follow those plans.  Units wishing to establish a health and safety plan for recurrent gatherings should contact the CRT at