Events & Gatherings

Updated January 20, 2021

As part of a community dedicated to reducing the transmission of COVID-19, we must substantially limit many in-person activities.

Gathering in groups significantly increases the risk of transmission and so we are establishing requirements for the holding of events until it is clear that the public health environment will allow for greater flexibility.

Requirements for Yale-sponsored Events

These guidelines are more restrictive than those adopted by the state of Connecticut (25 people indoors and 100 people outdoors for private social gatherings) because many members of our Yale community live in congregate housing and because we feel a unique obligation to the members of our broader New Haven community to do all that we can to address the current health environment.

The following are the requirements for university-sponsored events on or off campus. University-sponsored events include all gatherings that involve the use of university funds or spaces. Events subject to these requirements include all academic and social gatherings or meetings for students, faculty and staff of any size other than those occurring as a regular part of a course or class on the scheduled academic calendar; and all business or social gatherings in administrative units. Those planning off campus events involving students, staff or faculty that are not university-sponsored are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines as well.

  1. The event should take place virtually, unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. Zoom and other applications have many features that allow for on-line experiences, including side/breakout rooms, etc. to enable events of all sizes.
  2. In the interest of having a semester that includes in-person gatherings outside the academic program, the university will allow gatherings of ten (10) or fewer individuals without the advance approval of the relevant Dean, Head of College or Vice President, provided the conditions in this guidance for events requiring approval are observed (see items 4-7).  All private social events in residences must be limited to 10 persons and follow the guidance in item 4, other than the size of the gathering.
  3. If the event is larger than ten individuals and there is a compelling reason to hold it in person, the event sponsor must apply to the school or department Health and Safety Leader using the application for approval form. The Health and Safety Leader will review the application and refer it to the relevant Dean, Head of College or Vice President for approval in advance of the event.
  4. All events must:
    • be open only to members of the Yale community authorized to be on campus;
    • be of limited duration and by invitation only;
    • not involve high-aerosolization activities (singing, woodwinds/brass, vigorous exercise);
    • require face coverings to be worn at all times during the event, and therefore food and beverages should not be consumed. The only exception is school or unit sponsored events with advance approval from the HSL; and
    • not exceed 25 participants indoors and 50 participants outdoors and meet all university occupancy limits for spaces.
  5. In addition to following university guidelines that establish maximum capacity in spaces, event sponsors must assure there is appropriate signage, provide hand sanitizer, and arrange for pre and post-event disinfection of the space and equipment as well as disinfection during the event for any equipment used by more than one person.
  6. All participants must observe the health and safety measures of wearing face coverings and maintaining 6 feet physical distancing, as established by the placement of seating or floor markers.
  7. All on-campus events must take place in spaces that have been approved by Facilities and EHS. While outdoor spaces may be preferable, the use of tents, like the use of indoor spaces, requires review and approval by Facilities and EHS.
  8. To facilitate contact tracing, keep a record of everyone who participates in the event.
  9. Adhering to these requirements in holding events is an essential component our health and safety program. These requirements may be amended as the public health environment changes. Learn more about safe campus practices.