Isolation Housing for Students

Updated July 27, 2021

Yale will strive to provide on-campus isolation housing free of charge to any enrolled student (undergraduate, graduate or professional) in the event that they receive a positive COVID test. 

  • Isolation rooms are located in Arnold Hall, 304 Elm Street.
  • A reassignment to isolation housing is mandatory for students who test positive and who are living in dense, on-campus housing, namely undergraduates living in the residential colleges and on Old Campus as well as residents of Helen Hadley and Harkness Halls.
  • All other students living off campus who test positive must isolate in their own housing or may request to move to on-campus isolation housing.
  • On-campus isolation rooms are available only for those who test positive; individuals identified by the contact tracing team as close contacts of isolated students are required to quarantine in their own residences.
  • If we reach 50% of capacity in the isolation rooms, students not residing in dense, on-campus housing who test positive may be asked to isolate in their own housing.