High Contact Faculty and Staff

Updated May 21, 2021

These instructions are for faculty and staff who have daily or near daily interactions with students who live in residential colleges or graduate dorms. You will have a received an email notifying you of these requirements if you fall into this category.

Unnvaccinated individuals will be required to have testing weekly as outlined below.

Essential Steps to Take for a Successful Testing Process

  • Activate your MyChart account.
    • MyChart is the patient portal for our electronic health record, EPIC. An active MyChart account is REQUIRED for scheduling testing, receiving results, receiving reminders and canceling tests if needed. Yale Health has been sending information  to students for MyChart enrollment; if you have not enrolled please do so now.
  • Download the MyChart smart phone app.
    • The MyChart app will give you easy access to these features directly on your mobile device. It will allow you to check in for testing using a bar code.
    • You can download it to your smartphone by going to the app store or to Google Play.

General Testing Information

  • The testing process involves a self-administered swab in the front of the nose in a specially designed testing booth. The testing process takes less than 5 minutes. Watch an instruction video.
  • All testing appointments are self-scheduled.
  • All staff are assigned to a testing location.

How to Schedule a Test

  1. Go to covidtesting.yale.edu. Bookmark it for easy access.
  2. Enter your CAS login.
  3. Click on the scheduling link. It will take you automatically to your assigned testing location.
  4. Select your assigned testing day based on your assigned schedule.
  5. Select a time on your assigned scheduling day.
  6. Confirm your appointment.
  7. To schedule another appointment, go back to covidtesting.yale.edu and repeat.
  8. On arrival at the test site, open the mychart app and select “view details of your upcoming appointment” to bring up a bar code (sample below) which is scanned to check you in.

Test Results

  • Results will be delivered to students through the MyChart app. For instructions on how to download the app, see “Essential Steps to Take for a Successful Test” on this page.
  • 4 different results are possible
    • Negative results: Indicate no evidence of Infection at the time of the test. You may have a very low level of virus in your system so this does not rule out that you may become positive on a subsequent test.
    • Positive results: Indicate that there was evidence of viral infection at the time the sample was taken. What to expect in the event of a positive test:
      • You will isolate in your room.
      • Yale Health staff will call you to discuss next steps in detail.
      • Your Dean will be notified.
      • You will receive a call from the Yale Contact Tracing Team.
    • Invalid: the lab uses human DNA as a control to make sure the sample is adequate. If there is no human DNA in the sample it is labeled as invalid and not processed. In most cases this indicates a need to be more firm in how you are swabbing the sides of your nose.
    • TNP: this result means Test Not Processed. This can happen for a number of reasons but one of the most common reasons is too much mucous in the sample which most often happens when someone doesn’t blow their nose.
  • If you are in the recurrent testing program we will NOT repeat invalid and TNP samples. Instead you should just attend your next screening test as scheduled.
  • If you receive an invalid or TNP result and your test was individually scheduled test outside of a regular testing schedule, you should plan to schedule another test.