Housing Isolation Guidance

Effective September 18, 2023

Please read this message carefully as it contains important information and instructions related to your time in isolation.

It is important that your room assignment matches the information provided in the email you receive from the Housing Services Office. If it is not the suite where you are currently living, please email the Housing Services Office at housingservicesoffice@yale.edu as soon as possible with your actual housing location. If you are planning to isolate somewhere else; off campus or at home; please inform your Dean or reach out to the Housing Services Office.


Isolation Kit
Students assigned to isolate in place will be provided with an isolation kit. 

If you are assigned to isolate in place, please proceed to the following location in your college to retrieve an isolation kit. Students living on Old Campus should pick up their isolation kit in their residential college location:  

  • Benjamin Franklin: Entryway A, off the main courtyard 
  • Berkeley: Bottom of Entryway F, South Court – in bin on top of the shelving 
  • Branford: Outside of AOD office, K14, first floor of Entryway K, on the right 
  • Davenport: Bookshelf outside the college office 
  • Ezra Stiles: Inside Entryway C, out of sight near the door to the college offices 
  • Grace Hopper: Entryway G 
  • Jonathan Edwards: Main Hallway, inside magazine cubbies 
  • Morse: Inside the first door of the office suite at entry G 
  • Old Campus: in the designated location of your assigned residential college 
  • Pauli Murray: In stairwell below the fellows’ lounge; adjacent to dining hall 
  • Pierson: Outside of the Admin office under the bench in a black basket 
  • Saybrook: Common Room 
  • Silliman: Outside Bryers 1st floor in credenza under the TV 
  • Timothy Dwight: Basement Computer Room, inside a book cabinet 
  • Trumbull: On the floor by the door to the Head of College office 

Suite Sign
Your isolation kit will contain a sign reading “residents only; isolation in progress.” Please place this on the exterior door to your suite with the tape provided. 

Bathroom Sign
Your isolation kit will also contain a sign reading “bathroom currently in isolation use; please come back later”. Place this, with the tape provided, on the exterior of the bathroom door any time you are inside. Then take it down when you leave. 

HEPA fans
A limited number of HEPA fans are available for students to use during their isolation and masking period (10 days). Students can request a fan by emailing: facilities.servicecenter@yale.edu  and including their name, NetID, location and room number, and a contact phone number. Facilities Service Center will create a Workorder and will deliver the fan to the student. Note: The Facilities Services Center is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Students should contact the Facilities Services Center at then end of their isolation period to arrange for the fan to be picked up.

Food and Dietary Restrictions

Please go to your residential college dining hall during their open hours. you are required to wear a mask. Ask the dining staff for a to-go container and disposable cutlery, fill it, and return to your suite to eat.  

All residential meals will be self-serve. Students are required to make and package their own selections, and of course, tap for their meal.  

Students unwell and not able to walk down to the dining hall will need to coordinate with their College Office or a friend for meal pick-up and delivery  

Yale Dining will continue to provide customized meal options for those with specific dietary needs on a one-on-one basis. Students should reach out directly to their Dining Hall Manager with any concerns. 

Close Contacts 

You should notify your close contacts that you have tested positive.  All roommates and suitemates are close contacts due to shared living spaces. You may access our anonymous close contact notification form to notify close contacts who have yale.edu email addresses.  General close contact guidance is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Length of Isolation

You must isolate for a minimum of 5 full days.   

You will receive a release email on day 5. If you have no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications and symptoms have improved, you may return to work/class on day 6 and should continue to mask until day 10. 


If you are feeling worse, or have medical questions, you can call Student Health at 203-432-0312, or message your provider through MyChart. You can also call the Campus COVID Resource Line at 203-432-6604. 

If you need medications such as cough syrup or throat lozenges, you can either have a friend drop it off at your suite door, or you can call the Yale Health pharmacy at 203-432-0033 to arrange for curbside pickup. 

You must stay in your assigned bedroom for the duration of your stay unless otherwise directed by Yale Health. Students isolating in place are allowed to spend time in their college courtyard. Please do not leave your college for recreational purposes and, of course, continue to wear your mask whenever outside your room, including while in your suite, common room, hallways, bathrooms and courtyard.

Trash Removal

Please do your best to limit the number of times you need to dispose of trash, preferably once a day or every few days. Bring your trash to the trash room as normal, always remembering to wear your mask when outside of your room.

Package Center

If you are expecting a package, you can call the Barnes and Noble Student Package Center at 203-436-2708 and they will hold it for you until you are released from isolation.


Please refrain from doing laundry during your isolation period. 

If you should need anything non-medical during your isolation period, we encourage you to call us at 203-432-4020 or email housingservicesoffice@yale.edu.