COVID-19 Test Processing Delay

November 20, 2020

To members of the Yale Community,

We learned from our primary lab, Broad Institute, that there was a problem with their processing of COVID samples on Wednesday night. In order to fix the problem, they temporarily shut down processing. They have since resumed processing samples but there will be a delay in resulting while they work down the backlog. Accordingly, results for tests performed Wednesday, Thursday and today may take 36-48 hours to return. This delay may extend through the weekend.

Note that there is no concern about the quality or integrity of the tests that are delayed.

If your travel plans or the closing of Yale on-campus housing require you to leave while these test results are pending, it is more important than ever that you take extra care with masking and social distancing until you receive the results.

If you are a student traveling home, follow all masking and social distancing recommendation to protect your family and others you may encounter during travel. Please be aware that new State of CT guidance issued yesterday recommends that all students who travel home should “quarantine away from their family for 14 days before mingling or socializing with family members in their home environment.” At a minimum, you should quarantine, whether at Yale or at home, until you receive a negative test result from your most recent test. Those students currently on quarantine due to contact with a known case or in isolation should complete their full isolation or quarantine on campus as recommended. The Yale Health team will contact you if your test result is positive. As always, the Campus Covid Resource Line (CCRL) is available for any questions at 203-432-6604. 

This is an unfortunate development, but we trust in your ability to take the steps necessary to stay safe, and send best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

Madeline S. Wilson, MD, FACP
Chief Quality Officer
Chair, Yale COVID Testing and Tracing Committee
Yale Health Center